Cowgirls Stampede 02 (disc)

Cowgirls Stampede 02 (disc)

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Ok... Gather around the campfire everyone and sing along! Home... home on deranged, where the deer and the psycho babes play, where always is heard a discouraging word, and slave Tread is in pain every day! YEEEEE HAWW!!!!Greetings cowdudes and cowbabes and welcome to another chapter in tramplebabes videos tribute to that long forgotten hero of the wild, wild, west, the American Cowgirl! And trust us, they don`t come much wilder than Brittany England and Star North! Now, it seems that our resident ol` cowpoke Tread, failed to learn his lesson the last time these two frontier felines sunk their claws and spurs into his dopey hide, so the girls chain him up and drag him outside, for yet another lesson in femdom physics. I.E. the force of one dumbass, is met by more than equal and opposite reaction by our gorgeous babes! Where do we start for this one? Lots of boot trample! Boot worship! (Enjoy as the girls make Tread wash the cow patties from the soles of their boots) Extended throat standing! Double throat standing! Jump, jump, jumping, and then more jumping! Head standing! Face standing! Spurs! Ropes! Chains! And not to be missed, Brittany with a bullwhip!!! This is the American west, as envisioned by those who live and breathe trample. Learn the tramplebabe name everyone for we`re here to stay!

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